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This web site was designed not only to try and keep up with the wealth of misinformation about Essad Bey’s (Kurban Said’s) life and work, but also to point out valuable material. When it comes to Essad Bey we find a flabbergasting amount of errors and poor quotation moral – not to mention slander and… Continue Reading →

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Essad Beys Heftromane – Eine überraschende Entdeckung

(Leider funktionieren auf WordPress keine Fußnoten. Diese werden daher in Normalgröße angezeigt.) Essad Beys Heftromane Manuela und Liebe und Erdöl Eine überraschende Entdeckung1 von Hans-Jürgen Maurer                                                                                            Als 1934 in dem polnischen Verlag Republika in Łodz die beiden Heftromane von Essad Bey erschienen, hatte dieser bereits eine beachtliche Zahl an Publikationen vorzuweisen. Zwischen 1926, (d.h…. Continue Reading →

Blair’s Botch

  Ali & Nino The Business of Literature Who wrote Azerbaijan’s most famous Novel? in “Azerbaijan International” 2011 A Review by Hans-Jürgen Maurer Foreword In September 2011 the notable British Newspaper, The Guardian, published an article with the headline “The vanishing fascination of truly anonymous authors”. In it the author Daniel Kalder gives a brief… Continue Reading →

A Pleasant Book from Azerbaijan – Some Remarks

Literary Sources of Azerbaijani Multiculturalism published by the Baku International Multiculturalism Centre, 2016 ISBN 978-9952-28-342-2   Receiving this little volume left me quite surprised. As the table of content shows, this book features 78 (!) different Azerbaijani authors – and Kurban Said is one of them. The short excerpts presented in the Ali & Nino… Continue Reading →

Adrienne Landry’s Epic Bummer

Under the link given at the bottom you can find an example of a copied-from-a-copier-from-a-copier article. This time under the guise of “academic expertise”. We contacted the author, Adrienne Landry, twice. Once by e-mail and once by registered letter to the university. To no avail. See our “slight” hints for correction above. We are sure… Continue Reading →

“The Agony of Essad Bey” DVD

Berlin film maker Mr. Ralf Marschalleck, foremost Essad Bey researcher and expert, has released his almost two-hour-long documentary “Die Schmerzen des Essad Bey” – or, in English, “The Agony of Essad Bey”. Go here for watching the trailer: In German: In English: (You can order the DVD from those links as well!) This… Continue Reading →

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