Under the link given at the bottom you can find an example of a copied-from-a-copier-from-a-copier article. This time under the guise of “academic expertise”.

We contacted the author, Adrienne Landry, twice. Once by e-mail and once by registered letter to the university. To no avail.

See our “slight” hints for correction above. We are sure we could have found more if we had considered our time not as too precious to be spent on this type of text.

I know the picture shown above looks as if a chicken ran over it. If you want to see my corrections (as incomplete as they may be) in normal size, go to the contact page and drop me a line. I shall be happy to send you a PDF.

Here I used to have a link to the original article on crees.ku.edu. But obviously it was taken down. Good.

Historical link, now broken: https://crees.ku.edu/sites/crees.ku.edu/files/docs/Ali%20and%20Nino_ALandry%20Article.pdf